ADOPTED: for the life of me is a Silver Tandem Production made entirely with private funds of the filmmaker. While there is no fee assessed for use of the film in public screenings, there is a fee-waiving obligation which includes the following items which must be provided to the filmmaker for free public use of the film:

1)                 To host a screening, please contact the filmmaker at: [email protected] to let her know when the film will screen and how many people you anticipate at the event. This way we can track where audiences have seen the film outside of PBS.

2)                 After your event, let us know how many people attended and what feedback you received.

            3)                 When appropriate, the TAKE ACTION handout will be provided to audience members who are interested in     
                         adoption reform.

Any use of the film in community screenings or on college or other educational campuses that does not conform with these expectations will negate the agreement to allow the public screening and will result in an exhibition fee of $200.

As a reminder, any copying of the dvd for distribution is against the law.  The film is the private property of the filmmaker and is protected as such by copyright laws.

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