Media Coverage

There have been hundreds of articles and news clips done about adoption issues in recent years, including reviews of films like ADOPTED: for the life of me. Here is a selection of news clips which will provide further background about the legislative issue of adoptee access and the debate about surrounding the reversal of sealed records laws, as well as past articles about filmmaker/writer Jean Strauss.


New Jersey Star Ledger – June 2010
NJ debates opening records to adoptees – Identity and privacy key issues in bill. This article announcing the film’s New Jersey premiere, also highlights the legislative battle in New Jersey and the 2010 bill already passed by the state Senate and now moving through the Assembly.

NJ Home News Tribune – June 2010
Film Chronicles Adoptee’s Plight. Highlighting the situation that New Jersey adoptees like 67 year old Joe DeGironimo face. Joe, who appears in the film “For the Life of Me”, has searched for his birthmother for twenty-five years but has been hampered by not knowing her name. His story, upon finally learning his birthmother’s identity, unfolds during the film.


Huffington Post Op-Ed by Jean Strauss, November 30, 2010
Absurd Dilemmas Caused by Secrets in Closed Adoptions
Read the article and take some time to read the comments and let your voice be part of the dialogue.

Birth Mother, First Mother Forum – December 19, 2010
ADOPTED: for the life of me illustrates how sealed records hurt.

The Donaldson Report

The Evan B. Donaldson Institute is the only independent institute providing research on adoption issues today. For more information about their work, or to read the comprehensive version of “For the Records II” which was released July 2010, visit:

Elizabeth Samuel
The Idea of Adoption: An Inquiry Into the History of Adult Adoptee Access to Birth Records.


USA TODAY Op-Ed – March 2008
In Juno, adoption pain is left on cutting room floor