Watch media clips which have added to the debate on this issue. From Katie Couric to CNN to NPR, pundits, anchors, and networks have weighed in, and also see film reviews and articles about the filmmaker.

Watch other clips of Jean Strauss’s films. From the original public service announcements made for New Jersey – CARE, to her short films, to the entirety of “Vital Records”, each film is geared to give audiences a deeper understanding of the issue of adoptee access.

In the photo gallery, see the journey that “ADOPTED: for the life of me” has taken at film festivals and conferences. If you’ve hosted a screening in your town, be sure to send in a snapshot of what’s happening in your locale to be included!

See media coverage of the hot spots in adoption reform today. Illinois just passed legislation this May. And New Jersey is hopefully poised to have a bill on Governor Christie’s desk this fall.